Too Darn Cute

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bubble Bath Photography

My sweet girl turned 11 months old this week. The first year is my favorite! There are so many firsts and so many cuddles. I love watching her explore her world and get excited about the things she sees.

Lorelei has started crawling this month! After a few months of some speedy army crawling, she's finally decided that crawling with her tummy off the floor can actually be easier. She zooms around the house these days and disappears in five seconds flat.

She LOVES to pull up on everything and is getting sturdier on her legs every day. There have been several times when she is so distracted holding a toy or watching something that she forgets to hold on to something and stands by herself for several seconds until she realizes it and grabs on.

We had to wrestle her big brother out of photobombing every other shot, but he's never too far away from his favorite little girl. When I asked him to smile for me, this cheeseball gave me this face:

Miss Mae grew her second tooth this month! Now she has two little teeth sticking out of her bottom gums for the cutest little smile you ever did see.

Our little sweetheart started waving to us this month, too! She likes to greet us with a little hand wave after naps and when Daddy comes home from work. She gets so excited to be around us and we kind of like having her around, too.

Happy 11 Months, Lorelei!

Photo inspiration came from this beautiful photo session. And, wow, I seriously mean inspiring.