Too Darn Cute

Friday, October 30, 2015

Grandma's Apple Tree

One of my absolute favorite things this fall has been Grandma's apple tree. There are several apple trees in the yard, but one of them is drooping with apples this year. It is full of sweet, green apples that the kids have come to love.

It has gotten to the point that anytime we go outside, both kids run straight to the apple tree before they do anything else. They each find a good looking apple (Lorelei finds one on the ground and Leo finds a low one he can pick) and happily start munching away. Sometimes, they even need one for each hand.

If I were to hand them an apple during lunch, they might take one bite and refuse to eat it. But there's something magical about picking your very own food. They are so proud of themselves and excited to show me their treasure. These kids cannot get enough apples! 

So far, we've enjoyed fresh apples, applesauce, apple crumble, and apple cider. If you have any favorite apple recipes, send them our way! We still have a bunch of apples to enjoy...

We've had a beautiful, warm October and enjoyed lots of lazy afternoons playing in the yard and munching on crunchy apples. These are the moments I want to remember.