Too Darn Cute

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Albion Basin

I've lived in seven different states and three different cities in France. That seems like a lot of moving but I am grateful for each one. I've loved each of them for different reasons but I've learned that you can find amazing people no matter where you go and anywhere can be Home. One of my favorite things about moving a lot is that you get to see how beautiful our world is. The sunsets of Indiana, the hills and trees of Pennsylvania, the huge blue skies of Oklahoma... they are all gorgeous.

And don't forget the mountains and wildflowers of Utah! This summer we explored a bit at the Albion Basin. For a couple weeks each year, the basin abounds in wildflowers. It is breathtaking and looks just like a scene out of The Sound of Music. Unfortunately, I think we were about a week late because a lot of the flowers had already faded. I have big plans to spend a day hiking and exploring next summer during the peak of the beauty. But we found some amazing spots this trip, too! The kiddos were not cooperating quite as much as I'd like (when do they ever?) but I still think we got some pretty great shots.

PS: I made that dress! Maybe it deserves a post of its own because it turned out so cute! It's not really ideal for hiking, but great for posing in mommy's pictures!

I'm grateful to live in a beautiful place and explore it with family who lives close. And I can't wait to find more gems like this one in Utah!


  1. Beautiful place and beautiful photos Sarah! I love seeing that you were able to go with sisters & cousins. (Amazing dress too).

  2. What a beautiful place! You are so talented!