Too Darn Cute

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


While backing out of our garage last week, I noticed the most beautifully icicle-covered light on the street.  Well, it was actually the ONLY light that was covered in icicles.  It must be in just the right spot where all the snow and water from the roof and gutter drips down onto it.  I've been wanting to snap a few photos of it before it melts away.  And hopefully it WOULD melt away.  I finally grabbed my camera (and the baby monitor) while Bubba was asleep and headed outside.  It was starting to warm up a bit and the icicles were dripping.  I played around with the shutter speed to see what it would happen as I changed the shutter speed.  I ended up getting a few cool shots that I thought I would share.

I love this perfectly formed droplet.  

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