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Thursday, April 25, 2013


I don't claim to be super original.  I do think I am crafty.  But sometimes (okay, most times) I need some help.  I need inspiration.  I love browsing pinterest and perusing blogs to find good ideas.  Especially in my photography, I find it helpful to see examples of poses, backgrounds, and lighting that look good.  Now that I have my own personal doll, I like to try to recreate my favorite ideas.  This was very difficult at first.  I pinned so many of the cute, posey newborn shots and then found out that those are IMPOSSIBLE to do in real life.  I would love to accompany a professional to some of these shoots to see how she does it.  I found myself getting very frustrated when I couldn't recreate those adorable looks with my little guy.  However, over these first four months, I've tried to relax and find the poses that work.  These tend to be more natural and candid and they turn out a million times cuter than the complicated ones I tried.  And both my little guy and I end up a million times happier.  Looking for some four month picture ideas, I came across a superman pose.  It was pretty simple (just requires some daddy strength) and shows off one of his favorite positions.  He loves when I hold him on his tummy and zoom around the house.  Here are a few of my favorites (and the inspiration post).

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